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Community Breakfast will be closed May 24-26.

We will reopen on May 31st, so make sure to join us then!

Community Breakfast Closed

Los Compadres Adult Sunday School Class is currently meeting only by Zoom to accommodate our out of town members and is studying Seeing Beyond, Awakening to the Reality of an Interconnected, Evolving World by Clement Allison. The study has completed the historical evolution of Christian doctrine from the Council of Nicea in 325 CE to the present day and is now focusing on 1st and 2nd century sources recently discovered and translated (Gospel of Truth, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Phillip, and Gospel of Mary) to infer what Jesus was reportedly teaching before the Canonical Gospels were selected. Then we will proceed with Part II, which folds in 20th and 21st-century science and other experiential data to enrich our understanding of Jesus's message. All who are drawn to such a study are welcome and are invited to contact nancy@vandevender.com for the Zoom Link for Sunday from 8:15 AM to 9:30 AM.

Los Compadres Sunday School

Sunday, May 22nd will mark the start of the new program: Lunches for Eight. Each month, members of the Hospitality Team will gather a group of eight to meet for lunch and conversation. Please sign up in the Welcome Center this Sunday to join Kris and Terry Linton (at Monroe's on 4th) or Debbie and Jerry Dixon (at Hello Deli on Jefferson) for lunch immediately following the 10am service on May 22. Everyone will pay for the meal of their choice.

Come join us!

Lunches for Eight

Sunday Schools

Los Compadres Sunday School: on Zoom at 8:15am   

   Pentecost Adult Sunday School: in the parlor on Sunday at 9am            


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